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      1. Hebei xinqidian dedicated public nutrition improvement project

        Raw Material Cultivation

        To provide a healthy culture for the dissemination of green food
        Current position:-English-Operation-Raw Material Cultivation

        Planting base:

        The company's organic flax planting base was built in Zhangjiakou, Hebei,The region is due to the north China plain and the Inner Mongolia plateau steep rise into ladder shape transition,So it's called "dam".Here is located in north latitude of 41 degrees - 42 degrees, between 1200-1400 metres above sea level,The climate is cool, the region is broad, the illumination is sufficient, the air is fresh, the water source is clean, no industrial pollution.The unique geographical and climatic conditions of the dam have provided an unparalleled natural resources for the cultivation of organic flax,So the yield of flax seed oil is high and the purity is high.Now the company organic planting base area of 100000 mu, guarantees the organic flaxseed oil supply of raw materials. 

        Plant management:

        Company organic flax seed to take a year of planting methods,Planting in late May each year, harvest in mid September.When planting finest pure, full, glossy, disease-free organic seeds,In the process of the whole plant does not use any chemical fertilizers and pesticides, only according to the soil fertility right amount increasing organic farm manure application.Through strict field management and production file system,And the establishment of strict identification and traceability system,Management of crop batches in accordance with the regulations for batch number management.Extensive cultivation, carefully cultivated, fully ensure every grain of flaxseed has excellent quality.

        Organic certification:

        Company organic planting base through the "Beijing Ecocert Certification Center Co. Ltd." the actual inspection acceptance,They awarded to my company China organic certification of organic base flaxseed,At the same time also has made the European Union and the United States organic certificate.At present, the company products have been through the organic combination of China, the United States and other international authoritative organization certification and accept the certification body of flax planting, harvesting, processing raw materials, etc. The whole process of monitoring.Product twice a year to accept certification body composition detection, completely accord with standard of organic products to paste the organic certification marks and accept the certification body's website inquiry.

        After years of development our organic products has promoted the nationwide, and achieved excellent results, become domestic organic flaxseed oil products shop city companies with the highest rate, create a good economic and social benefits.

        Hebei xinqidian Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Hebei Copyright 2011 ICP 09036013-1。All information is not allowed to copy and reprint。 冀ICP備09036013號
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