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      1. Xinqidian linseed oil health first

        Enterprise News

        To provide a healthy culture for the dissemination of green food
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      2. 2015-07-21The company has won the recognition of high-tech enterprises

        A few days ago, Hebei Province, high-tech enterprises identified management work leading group announced in 2014 a new recognition of high-tech enterprises list. According to the relevant provisions, provincial high-tech enterprises identifi...

      3. 2015-07-20Congratulations to the Hebei xinqidian Biotechnology Co. Ltd

        In 2015 June 24 to 26, the annual health industry gluttonous feast in Shanghai New International Expo Center gracious bloom, the 15th session of the world pharmaceutical raw materials exhibition in China (CPHI China 2015) and 2015 natural an...

      4. 2015-07-20Congratulations on our company to obtain the safe production

        March 2015, our company smooth through the Zhangjiakou City Safety Supervision Bureau tertiary safety standardization assessment, in accordance with the relevant provisions, reviewed by the Security Bureau, our company won the safety produc...

      5. 2015-07-20Promote the rational consumption of flax oil, and promote th

        The first Chinese flax seed oil industry alliance of the general assembly to explore the future development of flax seed oil in the present and future oil industry. Alliance investigation by the fact that flaxseed is production in the world'...

      6. 2015-07-20High content of alpha linolenic acid microcapsule and its ma

        High content of alpha linolenic acid microcapsule and its manufacturing method of the invention patent...

      7. 2015-07-20Xinqidian warm congratulations on the 2014 Shanghai CPHI exh

        Congratulations to the Hebei xinqidian Biotechnology Co. Ltd. CPHI SHANGHAI 2014 tenth world pharmaceutical raw materials trading exhibition a success....

      8. 2015-07-20Company leaders to participate in the first meeting of the F

        The first Flax Seed Oil Industrial Union Congress in 2015 May 14 in Fanshi County, Shanxi Province, China held, the chairman of the board of directors of the company, general manager and manager of research and development as a representativ...

      9. 2015-07-20Company will be specially installed to participate in the Sh

        On June 24, 2015, "CPHI CPHI China Exhibition" will usher in the 15th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, hand in hand "the tenth p-mec world pharmaceutical machinery, packaging equipment and materials exhibition i...

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