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      1. Xinqidian linseed oil health first

        Media Reports

        To provide a healthy culture for the dissemination of green food
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      2. 2015-07-20Xinqidian chairman of Chinese people pay attention to health

        Economic: the companys sales in the domestic market share and coverage of how? Yu Hailong: at present, the overall situation is good. With the improvement of living standards, and now we not only the pursuit of delicious as the first requir...

      3. 2015-07-20Flax seed oil helps to promote fetal brain development

        The contents of crude protein, fat, total sugar and total sugar in the flax seed were as high as 84.07%. The contents of amino acids in the protein of the flax seed are 5.16%, and the essential amino acid content is. The consumption of flax ...

      4. 2015-07-20The old man eat flax seed oil is also good

        Flax seed oil has a variety of effects, the contents of amino acids in the protein of the flax seed is 5.16%, and it is a kind of plant protein with high nutritional value. So, what is the benefit of the old man eating flax seed oil? The ...

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