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      1. Hebei xinqidian linseed oil spread green health culture

        Flaxseed oil powder

        To provide a healthy culture for the dissemination of green food
        Current position:-English-Product-Raw Materials-MicrocapsulePowder
        Flaxseed oil powder
        Microencapsule  is  one  of  the  applie d  formul ation  technology  , comprised of emulsification  ,  high  shearing  ,  homoge nization and spraying  dry  .  This te chnology is  developed  through  our years  of research ,  development and  manufacturing  experience  . It  is much superior to most  other  oil  to  powder technologi es,  which  are  the method of just  simply transferring oil to powder  without the protection from  damaging effects of  oxygen  and  light .  In  particular, XQD select high  oil-loading and  non-GMO modified  starch  as main  matrix material to encapsule  oils ,  lipids and  other fat soluble and oxidative functional ingredients.XQD  technology  is  proved  to  effectively  improve  the stability, water solubility and bioavailability of the nutraceuticals.
        Superior application advantage:
        • Generation stable suspension
        • Transferring oily fluid to powder
        • Masking unpleasant taste, odor and color
        • Protection against oxidation, heat, light, acids or bases and ion
        • Prevention possible chemical reactions with other mixtures
        • More convenient handling during processing
        Value-added economic benefits:
        • Longer product shelf-life by increasing stability
        • Delivering specific nutrient function by better bioavailability
        • Improved satisfaction of customers for better taste and odor
        • Innovative application of combining incompatible substances

        XQD provide both conventional and organic certified microencapsulated oil  powders for dietary supplement,  personal care  and functional food industry. We carefully source highest standard oils  and matrix materials to  produce  qualified  product  with  no contamination from  pesticides, heavy metals and other trace impurities, like PCB, Dioxins, etc.
        BOTANICAL NAME:           Linum usitatissimum Linn.
        PART OF PLANT USED:         Seed
        ORIGIN                     China
        PRODUCT NO.:               XQD- FSOP
        APPEARANCE               A white or off  white,  free-flowing powder
        BULK DENSITY,g/ml            0.40 – 0.60
        PARTICLE SIZE                95% through 100 Mesh
        ACID VALUE, KOH mg /g:        ≤5.0
        PEROXIDE VALUE, meq/kg:       ≤10.0
        MOISTURE AND VOLATILES, %:    ≤3.0
        HEAVY METALS , ppm          ≤10.0
        SURFACE OIL, %              ≤1.0
        C18:3 LINOLENIC ACID, %        ≥15.0
        TOTAL FATS,%              ≥30.0
        TOTAL PLATE COUNT,CFU/g       <3,000
        YEASTS AND MOLDS,CFU/g       <300
        E. Coli                     Negative/g
        Salmonella                  Negative/25g
        Staphyloccous aureus           Negative/25g

        Hebei xinqidian Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Hebei Copyright 2011 ICP 09036013-1。All information is not allowed to copy and reprint。 冀ICP備09036013號
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