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      1. Hebei xinqidian linseed oil spread green health culture

        Walnut oil

        To provide a healthy culture for the dissemination of green food
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        Walnut oil
        Walnut Oil is cold pressed from the walnut (Juglans regia Linn.) which has a clear yellow or yellow-brown color. It is one of the main exporting oils of XinQiDian company.
        Efficacy and Nutritional components
        The  benefit of  walnut oil  is  becoming  more  readily  apparent.  Walnut oil is  excellent  sources  of  omega-3 fatty  acids which  help prevent  heart disease,  cancer  and weight  proble ms.  It is  also rich  in antioxidants. Walnut  oil  is dense   in ellagic acid,  which aids  in controll ing  the replication  of  malignant  tumours and  has  anti-bacterial ,  anti-inflammatory,  antiviral  and  antisepticproperties.  Consumptions  of walnut oil  has  also been shown  to lower total LDL (lower cholesterol) and studie s have shown  that  walnut oil  helps  in  lowe ring  endothelin, therefore reducing the chances of developing heart disease.
        Other than providing internal  health  benefits, walnut oil is quick  drying and therefore is highly prized in the art of massage because it leaves the skin feeling refreshed. It is used to moisturise the skin, treating wrinkles as well as combating skin problems such as fungal infections, warts and eczema.
        Marketing Applications
        XinQiDian offers walnut oil for high quality edible oil, natural cosmetics, pharmaceutical Intermediates, nutritional  supplements , food  additive, and health-care food.
        BOTANICAL NAME: Juglans regia Linn.
        PART OF PLANT USED: Seed
        ORIGIN  China
        APPEARANCE A clear yellow or yellow-brown oil
        ACID VALUE, KOH mg /g: ≤2.0
        PEROXIDE VALUE, meq/kg: ≤10.0
        SAPONIFICATION VALUE,KOH mg /g: 180-200
        INSOLUBLE IMPURITY, %(m/m): ≤0.05
        MOISTURE AND VOLATILES, %: ≤0.20
        GARDNER COLOR ≤8
        COLD TEST Clear after 5.5 hours at 0°C
        RESIDUAL SOLVENT, mg/kg: Negative
        LEAD ppm ≤0.2
        ARSENIC ppm ≤0.2 
        CADMIUM ppm ≤0.2 
        MERCURY ppm ≤0.2 
        C16:0 PALMITIC % 6.0-10.0
        C18:0 STEARIC % 2.0-6.0
        C18:1 OLEIC % 12.0-25.0
        C18:2 LINOLEIC % 50.0-65.0
        C13:3 α- LINOLENIC % 7.0-15.0

        Hebei xinqidian Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Hebei Copyright 2011 ICP 09036013-1。All information is not allowed to copy and reprint。 冀ICP備09036013號
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