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        Camellia seed oil

        To provide a healthy culture for the dissemination of green food
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        Camellia seed oil
        Camellia seed  oil, also known as Tea Oil, is  cold pressed from  the  seeds of  Camellia(Camellia  oleife ra),  The  seed  oil  is  said  to be rich  in  anti-oxidants including Vitamin E, fatty acids including linoleic acid 7.0-14.0%, oleic acid 74.0-86.0%.
        Efficacy and Nutritional components
        Camellia  seed oil  is  heart healthy,  it is  cholesterol  free and has  high levels  of mono-unsaturated  fatty  acids.  It is also an  excellent  source of  A and  B  vitamins. Mono-unsaturated fatty  acids  can help  reduce blood pressure and  improve heart function. Camellia seed oil may  haveantioxidant properties that fight disease and signs of aging. 
        Besides its many  health  benefits,  Camellia seed  oil offers many beauty benefits as well. It can relieve dry, flaky skin. Camellia makes a soothing massage  oil  and  does  not  leave  behind a  strong  scent  when  it  is massaged into the skin. it is an effective treatment for split ends; simply rub  it  into damaged  hair  while  in the shower  to create  a beautiful  and he althy  shine.  The  oil will  also benefit  nails  by softening  cuticles  and keeping the  nails smooth  and  shiny.  Besides,  Camellia  seed oil  is  an effective cleaning  agent  that  does not damage  glue  while still halting corrosion. 
        Marketing Applications
        XinQiDian offers Camellia seed  oil  for  high  quality  edible  oil,  natural cosmetics,  pharmaceutical  Inte rmediates,  nutritional  supplements  , food additive, and health-care food.
        BOTANICAL NAME: Camellia oleifera
        PART OF PLANT USED: Seed
        ORIGIN  China
        APPEARANCE A clear bright yellow oil
        ACID VALUE, KOH mg /g: ≤2.0
        PEROXIDE VALUE, meq/kg: ≤10.0
        SAPONIFICATION VALUE,KOH mg /g:  185.0-199.0
        UNSAPONIFIABLE MATTER, %     ≤2.0
        MOISTURE AND VOLATILES, %:    ≤0.20
        GARDNER COLOR             ≤5
        COLD TEST                  Clear after 5.5 hours at 0°C
        RESIDUAL SOLVENT, mg/kg:       Negative
        LEAD ppm                 ≤0.2
        ARSENIC ppm                 ≤0.2
        CADMIUM ppm              ≤0.2 
        MERCURY ppm                ≤0.2
        C16:0 PALMITIC %             7.0-10.0
        C18:0 STEARIC %              1.0-4.0
        C18:1 OLEIC %                74.0-86.0
        C18:2 LINOLEIC %              7.0-14.0
        OTHERS %                  0-2.0

        Hebei xinqidian Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Hebei Copyright 2011 ICP 09036013-1。All information is not allowed to copy and reprint。 冀ICP備09036013號
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