Kevin Hann is a professional photographer based in Dallas, Texas.  With a long resume of outside sales, he picked up a camera at a later age, and unlocked something he never knew he had.  Decided to buy a camera and have some fun, looked up to many other amazing photographers in DFW and discovered a talent.  Photography is now his passion in life, second only to family… a passion to learn from others, grow in talent and skill, and seeking the unique.  Photography isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life.  The camaraderie is amazing, the way you perceive the world, changes,  and a desire to create and inspire others, grows.  Just a guy with a camera, a passion, ready to have fun and share his view on the world through the lens, one photo at a time.  Humbled by others, and passionate about growth.

See the world through my lens, one photo at a time!™